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Our Transition Calculator

Before starting this document please check the feeding amounts for you're dog as you will need information from that document to continue here.

Our Feeding Allowance Calculator

The information below follows the proteins listed in our transition guide on Raw Feeding for Dog's Made Simple UK. If swapping any protien's listed due to suspected allergies use the base calculation information to help purchase/ portion the food for you're dog.

Transition Calculator

Transition Calculator Results

Week 1


Week 2


Week 3


For Week 2 and Week 3 you'll gradually introduce the new protein over the first 3 days before giving the new protein as a full meal. Below are the breakdowns for the daily allowance per day of each protein.

*The amount of packets for Chicken includes additional packets to see you through weeks 2 and 3.

Daily Allowance per day of each protein

Day 1
New Protein:
Day 3
New Protein:
Day 2
New Protein:
Days 4-7
New Protein:

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