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As pet parents we tend to have a thirst for knowledge, always wanting to absorb the latest information. The RFFDMSUK Blogs are a great resource, but there's more ways to learn even more without the need to spend any money.  *Please note some of the below relate more to humans but the theories can be applied, to some degree, to our canine friends.  **To view our full library of Audible books, check out the Reading List - Audible

The Forever Dog

Free on Audible when signing up to a FREE, cancel anytime, 30 day Audible trial OR using monthly credits from your Audible membership

Two of the world’s most popular and trusted pet care advocates reveal new science to teach us how to delay ageing and provide a long, happy, healthy life for our canine companions. The definitive, cutting-edge guide for every dog parent. 

The number one New York Times best seller and Sunday Times best seller.

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