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Transparency Statement


The team at RFFDMSUK have a passion for transparency in all that we say and do.
As pet parents ourselves, we have experienced the 'hidden' aspects of the pet food industry and we therefore commit to full transparency in everything that we do.

With this in mind, it is important to note the following:

1. Keisha, Nic and Vic all take canine nutrition very seriously and work around the clock to study and research all things relating to natural health, nutrition and wellbeing. This includes completing courses and qualifications including but, not limited to:
- IPET Level 3 OFQUAL regulated Canine Nutrition Diploma
- ODL Diploma in Canine Nutrigenomics
 & Canine Psychology
- Understanding Stress in Dogs for Therapists CPD course
- Zoopharmagnosy CPD course
- Canine Holistic Health & Therapy CPD
- Canine Anatomy & Physiology CPD

Keisha is now embarking on further studies to become a vet nurse assistant and Vic is studying to become a behaviourist.

2. We do have ambassador roles Alexanders Natural. Despite these ambassador roles you will see from our website and group that we do NOT promote sole use of any brands whether that is food, supplements or treats. In fact, we instead actively promote variety being the spice of life. As a part of these ambassador roles, we can confirm NO commissions are earnt.

3. Where we include links to Amazon products within our group or website, these are Amazon Associate links which means we may potentially earn commission from purchases made. To confirm, no additional costs are implemented to yourself, the commission (if paid at all), is from Amazon and you are not charged any extra for this. Any commissions earned are fully taxable through our Business RFFDMSUK and any post tax earnings are put back into the business to pay towards the website maintenance & continued research for future content.

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