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Our Fish Calculator

This guide will help you work out how much oily fish you can feed per week, this will differ depending on the type of diet you feed so please read the different amount breakdowns below.

A list of good Oily Fish sources includes: Sprats, Herring, Mackerel, Sardines, Whitebait and Salmon.

Fish Calculator

We recommend feeding fish within the calculated ranges shown below - these ranges are based on the daily allowance that you have provided.

Pre-frozen Fresh Oily Fish

Varied Raw Diet Non-organic
Organic Raw Diet
Kibble based Diet

A varied raw diet (non-organic) is the most common type of raw diet we see being fed, This is when you feed a variety of different brands and proteins. An organic raw diet would consist of only feeding 100% organic raw food to you're pet.

As a group we highly promote and recommend the feeding of fresh oily fish as we do feel fresh is best however we are aware some may use dehydrated fish if this applies to you please look at the information below.

Dehydrated Fish

Varied Raw Diet Non-organic
Organic Raw Diet
Kibble based Diet

Feeding an Oily Fish Mince Mixed with Another Protein

Check the packaging of the mince and look at the breakdown % of what's in the packet. If the packet you're using does not list the % breakdown we recommending assuming it is 50%, alternatively you can contact the brand for a breakdown.

Total Fish in Pack

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