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Who are the people behind the group?


Co-owners: Keisha, Nicola & Vic are the original team who created the group.

Keisha has Minnie the JRT and Meadow the Husky

Nicola has Arlo & Rufus, the Sprockers (Springer x Cocker Spaniels)

Vic has Benji the Bocker (Beagle x Cocker) and Arni the Beagle

We met on social media, after all taking the plunge and moving our dogs to a raw diet. When we did make the change, we each found that there was a lot of conflicting advice online about what you could and should feed your dog, and each of us had actually delayed making the switch due to this!

Another thing we had all found, was the overwhelming works of art on social media that were presented raw meals for dogs. Now, if you have the time, patience and artistic flair for this that's of course great! But we were looking at our bowls for our dogs and feeling inadequate. We soon learnt that many raw feeders actually feed what is known as a "graveyard" bowl, but once again felt this could well be putting people off from switching to raw as the graveyard bowls never got shown on social media!

With these issues firing the fuel, we began to form a friendship and decided that we would set out to create a safe space where ALL types of raw feeders were celebrated, and where we would share the most accurate up to date advice and support to others. within 3.5 years we reached over 26,000 members!


Paraprofessional in Canine Nutrition

(special interests in gut health & behaviour)

Vic is our Canine Gut Health Lead

As a child, Vic spent school holidays at her family's farm, immersing herself in caring for animals. One cherished memory stands out: bottle-feeding a lamb back to health. This early connection to animals laid the foundation for her lifelong devotion to their well-being.

When she experienced a traumatic loss Vic put everything into learning all about canine health to give her future dogs a better life. While Vic loves all breeds and mixes, she holds a special fondness for Beagles. Their unique personalities and endearing quirks have captured her heart.

Vic's journey began to gather pace with her eldest dog, Benji, who suffered from a chronically leaky gut. Vic's determination for wanting better health for her dogs led her to explore the healing potential of whole foods. Witnessing Benji's transformation ignited her passion to help as many other dogs as possible build strong, healthy guts.

Vic's inquisitive nature drives her to explore all things canine. You'll often find her with her head buried in books or immersed in research papers, seeking to deepen her understanding.


Her commitment shines through her educational achievements. She has completed various courses across the UK, America, and Canada. Notable accomplishments include the IPET Canine Nutrition Level 3 Diploma, a Diploma in Canine Nutrigenomics and another in Canine Psychology, and a Higher Education Diploma in Canine Training & Behaviour.

Currently, Vic is working toward a Foundation Degree in Canine Behaviour.



Paraprofessional in Canine Nutrition

(special interests include female health & joint care as well as yeast issues)

Keisha is our Northern Breeds and Yeast & Joint Disease Lead

Keisha's journey began from birth, quite literally, surrounded by dogs. Growing up, she absorbed knowledge about common ailments and specific care requirements for various breeds, including bulldogs, westies, labradors, shepherds, Jack Russells, and huskies. 

Keisha's fondest memories involve showing the family's English Bulldogs. Their impeccable conformation and robust health filled the entire family with pride. But her love extended beyond dogs; she developed a passion for all animals. During her work experience at a vet practice, she even played a hands-on role in saving a kitten's life!

Huskies though were the breed that captured Keisha's heart. Throughout her childhood, she immersed herself in learning about their unique traits, training needs, and rich heritage. In 2021, she welcomed Meadow, a husky, into her family.

Keisha is like a "dog with a bone." When faced with something unfamiliar, she dives into research to uncover every detail. Her youngest child, Freya, seems to be following in her footsteps, actively participating in the dog-loving community with #freyasreviews and attending the Natural Dog Expo 2023 at just 9 years old!

Keisha's commitment to knowledge shines through her completed courses. She completed the IPET Canine Nutrition Level 3 Diploma and various other courses too and currently, she's progressing through a vet nurse assistant course. Additionally, Keisha explores natural products and methods to support dogs' skin and coat, particularly for those with sensitive skin or allergies.

Keisha's passion, dedication, and inquisitiveness make her an invaluable asset to our team and the canine community.


Paraprofessional in Canine Nutrition

(special interest in parasite prevention & enrichment)

Nicola is our Parasites Prevention & Enrichment Lead

Nicola is a multi-talented expert with a deep passion for all things canine.

Nicola leads the technical aspects of our website, ensuring smooth operation and user-friendliness.

Nicola’s childhood was filled with joy by way of a very special bond between herself and her neighbours dog Fritz who she would walk for them to help them in their later life. Nicola truly loved Fritz as if he were her own dog, and so it came to pass that she would grow into an adult dog guardian, welcoming her first Sprocker Spaniel Arlo into the family in 2017. She had heard about raw feeding so her interest was spiked when Arlo came home and she began reading up on it and learning all she possibly could before making the switch.

Recognising the challenges of navigating complex information, Nicola designs user-friendly calculators and tools to make pet care knowledge accessible. Nicola also ensures our blogs content is uncomplicated and covers not just positives, but all angles – something not many do! Wary of misinformation, Nicola enjoys researching and debunking myths on social media, providing factual evidence for dog owners.

Being based in Scotland, Nicola tackles the common issue of ticks head-on. She rigorously tests and evaluates products to find the most effective solutions for these stubborn pests. Scottish ticks seem to be super stubborn so if it works for Nicola, we know it’s a great option for our members.

Nicola is passionate about keeping dogs mentally stimulated.  She's always eager to explore new enrichment toys, ensuring her recommendations are based on first-hand experience. Nicola's dedication simplifies pet care for dog guardians, providing them with the knowledge and tools needed to give their furry friends the best possible life.


Private Facebook Group

We want to express our heartfelt gratitude for the incredible team of Admins and Moderators in our Private Facebook group. Their dedication and selflessness truly touches our hearts.

We extend our sincerest thanks to these amazing individuals who generously give their precious time, expecting nothing in return, to provide invaluable guidance to our group's members day after day. They invest countless hours in sharing their knowledge and offering unwavering support. Each member of our team brings not only a wealth of expertise, but also a genuine passion for learning and sharing. It takes truly exceptional people to devote their free time in this way. Our team comprises of people from all walks of life, each sharing our passion though, they tirelessly work around the clock to provide support to members but outside of the group they demonstrate a true passion for animal care whether this being in their ever growing furry family, or through working as a dog groomer, or even working in  pet food retail. Their willingness to dedicate their spare time to nurture our community is both admirable and heart-warming.

We want to emphasise how deeply we value and appreciate each and every one of these extraordinary individuals. Their contributions form the backbone of our community, and we feel incredibly fortunate to have such a remarkable team supporting our Private Facebook group. We extend our heartfelt thanks for their selfless dedication and unwavering commitment, and we are truly moved by their generosity and kindness.

Our team comprises of:

Admins: Sam (pet parent of Teddi & Bruno), Chloe (pet parent of Porter) who runs our socials on TikTok & Instagram, Amiee (pet parent to Bertie, Humphrey, and Basil, PLUS goats, chickens and guinea pigs)

Moderators: Carolina (pet parent to Rosie); Claire (pet parent to Bella and Wren); Taome (pet parent to Ivy) 

Specialist knowledge:

Across our team of admins & moderators there is a vast wealth of knowledge in a wide range of areas however the team has a particular specialism in Fussy Eaters and also Itchy / Yeasty dogs. With many of the team having first hand knowledge of these situations and how to overcome them. Several of the team has completed additional studies including courses from the British College of Canine Studies, IPET (which is the only specifically canine OFQUAL regulated nutrition course ) and the amazing Dogs FirstIE courses on a variety of subjects.

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