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Courses for Further Learning

As many pet parent look to learn more and more, we are often asked about courses that can help increase knowledge. It is worth noting that some aspects of some courses that are available online may not be the most up to date, so we have listed the most accurately comprehensive courses below. Click the pictures to go to the website for the relevant course. We include courses from the UK, America and Canada.

In the UK, the role Canine Nutritionist is an unregulated role so there are no set requirements however at RFFDMSUK we believe in quality and high standards, so many of the team behind our Facebook group have completed a variety of the below courses. A paid nutritionist should always have business insurance and should not avoid discussing their courses or qualifications with you.

DogsFirst is run by Dr Conor Brady, author of the book Feeding Dogs.

Canine Principles offer a wide variety of courses, as well as their Skills Hub to pet professionals, including webinars, CPD and OFQUAL courses.

IPET Network offers what is widely recognised as the UK's industry standard for Canine Nutritionists - this is currently available from The Canine Holistic Science Academy

Dogs Naturally Pro is the learning centre from the creators of Dogs Naturally Magazine

Feed Real Movement offer the newest course relating to real food, there is a great review on this from Keep The Tail Wagging

Please note:

It is not mandatory to complete any of these courses, however due to popularity we have included the courses to better help you to wade through the online offerings and find the most factually accurate information

RFFDMSUK do not own course materials at this time, this list is designed simply based on our own knowledge and experiences from completing a variety of courses ourselves.

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