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8.19: First Aid for Dogs

Updated: Feb 18

First Aid is not just for humans, it can be just as critical for our pets too.

Every pet parent should have a pet first aid kit in the house and should take it on any holidays or adventures with the pets, just in case.

This kit can help to provide vital first aid to your beloved pet until they can be taken to a veterinary professional. You can of course make your own kit, or you can buy them online or in pet shops. For example, the the PATS Gold Award Product of the year 2023 Poorly Paws first aid kit

The Poorly Paws kit is:

  • Veterinary nurse approved

  • As seen at Crufts 2023

  • Loved by professional dog walkers and dog owners alike

  • Refillable

  • Compact, lightweight & waterproof

  • An app to coincide with the first aid kit is coming very soon too!

This kit is a true must have for pet guardians as it's so small & mighty you can take it on any adventures as easily as you do a treat pouch. When you use items, don't worry, there's even refills available to order here

Each first-aid kit contains:

4 x Alcohol-Free Sterile Cleansing Wipes

1 x Disposable Gloves

1 x Tick Remover (3 sizes)

1 x Tweezers

1 x Saline Solution

1 x Disposable Tourniquet

1 x Scissors

2 x Dressing Pads

1 x Torch

1 x Conforming Bandage

1 x Cohesive Bandage

1 x Microporous Tape

This list is some of our recommended additional extras to your pets first aid kits:

  • Leucillin Spray

  • Helios Pet Homeopathy Kit

  • Muzzle suitable for your dog in case required for safety

  • Flashlight with spare batteries

  • Spare collar and lead (including legally required pet tag / collar labelling)

  • Your vets name, address and phone number in case of an emergency

Learning first aid skills of course is highly recommended by us, not just to help your own animals but they may also be used to help others too. Poorly Paws recognises how vital first aid for pets is and has partnered with the incredible Rachel Bean who has over 17 years experience in veterinary practice as a qualified veterinary nurse.

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