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Turbo Charged Tea

Prep Time:

20 Minutes

Cook Time:




About the Recipe

Feed 1-2 times a week, monitoring stools to understand tolerance level, can help to dilute high bone content.


  • 500g Turkey Testicles

  • 500g Pig Pancreas

  • 500g Lamb Spleen

  • Bone Broth (see bone broth recipe for how to make this)

All ingredients can be replaced with other choices if required


Chop the secreting organs into small pieces to improve their blend-ability

Blend in a food processor or similar until relatively smooth

Warm the bone broth into a liquid state if it is not already so and add to loosen the mixture into a thick liquid state

Pour into small moulds and add 1-2 times a week for an extra booster from these amazing secreting organs that are not commonly used in pre made raw pet food.

Note: Every dog tolerates organs differently just like with raw meaty bones but organs can lead to looser stools so it is important you monitor stools. Most who use this recipe tend to give it when they are feeding a DIY day inclusive of a raw meaty bone that is over the dogs usual 10% bone content to help rebalance the situation

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